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  • 2009 Lexus ES 350

    Lexus ES 350
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Technician removed old wiper blades and installed new wiper blades and customers request.
    • Charged battery all day. Battery was completely dead this morning. Tested battery. Battery tested good. Checked the charging system and found alternator is not charging the battery at the correct capacity. Needs an alternator.
    • Technician performed LOF and 24 pt inspection. Technician added 6.4qts of 5w/30 oil to fill. Replaced oil filter with new P967 filter. Brakes are 80% front and rear. Brake fluid test is 1% moisture. Set tire pressure to 30 Psi. Coolant protection is -60*F. Belts and hoses look fine. Battery testes good after charging all day. Alternator is bad. Topped off washer fluid and reset oil life reminder.
    • Technician removed wheels from vehicle. Computer spin balanced seasonal tires on rims. Installed wheels back on vehicle. Set tire pressure to 30 Psi and torqued lug nuts to 80ft.lbs.
    • Technician performed front end inspection along with the 24 pt inspection. Check shocks and struts, tie rod ends, front end bushings. Nothing was leaking, everything looked good.
    • Technician removed Alternator from the vehicle and replaced with a remanufactured alternator. Checked for proper operation. Alternator is now charging at 14.2 V
    Alexis B. gave our service a 5 star review on 11/16/2022